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It's been almost an year since we talked about creating an AwesomeiOS Newsletter.

Our plan is to have a weekly newsletter that showcases quality iOS libraries, frameworks and other iOS developer tools. We decided to create this because we're a big newsletter fan because they always provide amazing new links.

Content 🚀
  • The Newsletter's content would be generated by filtering libs by their quality index, provided by CocoaPods + CocoaDocs.

  • I would then write a small comment about each library.

  • Each email contains an introduction paragraph, 5 links and 2 articles.
  • Reasons ✅
  • AwesomeiOS has been the same for the past 2 years, so we want to grow the project and connect more with our thousands of visitors.

  • The project became too big for someone to go learn about new libraries, so instead of having thousands of libraries in one page, a Newsletter would only show 10.
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